We have done various fund raisers and awareness campaigns to raise money for a cure for Rett Syndrome. However, many of our friends, family and interested people asked if there was a way they could donate directly to Nora. At the time we did not have a system set up to keep donations separate from our family finances and make sure they are used to her benefit. This is what the trust accomplishes!

We currently accept donations via paypal. You can donate using any major credit card or funds in your paypal account. Click the button below to donate now!

These donations go directly to Nora’s Trust. If you would rather donate to Rett Syndrome Research, please visit GirlPower2Cure!


Your Donations Have Helped Fund:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet loaded with Nora’s favorite movies, family pictures and apps
  • Wheelchair-accessible van
  • Wheelchair-accessible ramp
  • Accessible bathroom remodel
  • Hotel stays during outpatient specialist visits that span multiple days

We Are Saving For:

  • Bedroom safety improvements: softer flooring and other things that enable Nora to have freedom to move without injuring herself!
  • Fun things: trips, wheelchair accessories and other quality-of-life improvements!